Before diving into all the interesting articles we will publish, we would like to introduce ourselves and explain the raison d’etre of this space and its background.

The Kairos Europe Team:
from left to right: Lucile (Assistant Project Manager), Daniele (Director), Amelia (Director), Jessica (Project Manager), Samuel (Assistant Project Manager), Felix (Assistant Project Manager)

Kairos Europe was born in 2011 and it is an organisation dedicated to promoting the development of programmes aimed at increasing the intercultural exchanges between European countries. Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for youths and adults in order to improve their knowledge and skills and enhance their career prospects. As part of our activities we take part in different Key Actions promoted by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission and other established EU programmes.

The word Kairos (καιρός) in ancient Greek means “time” or “opportunity”, in the sense of the right, critical, or opportune moment as opposed to the more general term Chronos (χρόνος) which expresses the linear concept of time. Kairos Europe represents and embraces exactly this concept: the right time and place for opportunities to travel, discover, learn, and broaden one’s horizons.

Kairos was also the name of the Greek God of opportunity and his lover was Tyche (Τύχη): the Goddess of fortune and prosperity.

Following the fascinating mythology around these concepts, we view this space as a companion to our main website and social media sites, a place where we tell the tales of the fortune and prosperity which come from embarking on a journey or a project with Kairos Europe. Here we will give a space and a voice to our participants to tell their stories and share their experiences. We will also keep you posted on news and updates related to our activities, events, as well as ways to get involved with us. The idea is also to create a journal and digital archive of the memories of our mobilities, trips, and activities.

We will also talk about topics related to our activities such as migration, social inclusion, rural development, digital learning tools, cultural heritage, youth, and adult education. The blog will see the collaboration of many participants from our projects and mobilities, and we encourage them to express their opinion freely! Nonetheless, given the sensitivity of these topics, we will also ask all of our authors to be factual and to respect everyone regardless of their religion, culture, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic class.

In the following posts we will start to share the articles written by some of the participants of our mobilities that took place in June. We hope you will enjoy reading about their experiences and that you will find them as inspiring as we did.

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