Kairos Europe has recently concluded a project called MAV: Mapping, Assessing and Validating the Competencies of Youth Educators Working with NEETS (Not in Education, Employment, Training).

This 2-year project, which ended in July 2019 was born thanks to the joint effort of partners from Poland, Spain, Slovakia and the UK. The partner came to the realisation that there was currently no European standard for youth educators working with NEETS, so they decided to improve the situation by, among other things:

Creating a competence profile of the youth educators working with NEETS;

Developing a methodology for the assessment of the competencies of youth educators, called expertise checkup;

Developing a web assessment tool for youth educators or aspiring youth educators

Creating an e-course for assessors of youth educators.

Throughout the project, partners carried out several activities including research an national level, surveys with the target group, development of ad hoc platforms and piloting of the outputs in each participating country, organisation of dissemination events and conferences, and so on. The results of the project are free and accessible by anyone interested, from the project website page http://mav1.eu/project/

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