Our KA2 project SPEAK APP, Tools for Oral Communication in Foreign Languages, has reached its conclusion.

The aim of the project, funded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union,  was to improve the oral communication skills of adults in foreign languages through training and peer-to-peer learning, putting special emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge when communicating in a foreign language and on the promotion of face to face contact between adults willing to have a conversation in a certain foreign language with other people with good command of such languages.

Through the project we developed 2 main tools:

  • Training materials for adult education staff and any person willing to improve his/her oral communication skills in a foreign language.
  • ​ Open-access online software tools, for the acquisition and improvement of oral communication skills in foreign languages (An e-learning platform and a Web/Mobile application for language interaction).

More information about the project and direct access to the project outputs are avaiable from the project website:


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