Social (Media) Inclusion is a Key Action 2 project funded by the Erasmus + Programme.

Context and Background

The project rotates around the concept and perception of good and bad use of “social media” and the impact they have in current society. In particular in relation to the perception of migrants in local communities and the instrumentalisation of the so called “refugee crisis” by right wing groups to destabilise democracy and community cohesion.


  • To gather the experience of the participating organisations in topics related to migrants and refugee issues, and the use of social media, and create a toolkit
  • This toolkit should be aimed at practitioners, educators, trainers, migrants who work as cultural mediators, translators and/or other roles in reception centres, local communities, community leaders and authorities.
  • The aim of the toolkit is to give a detailed picture on the power of social media in defining who we are, our likes and our fears, as well as the influence on societal stability, democracy and social cohesion, depending its use
  • The toolkit will be fine-tuned after the staff from the participating organisations will take part in a training in Croatia on topics related to social media.


The main activities in the project will include:

  • A toolkit written by all partners
  • The participation of staff from the participating organisations in an international training event in Croatia, which will constitute the basis for the final draft of the toolkit
  • This will be later applied at local level during workshops/local events organised by each participating organisation.


The projects will see the participation of 5 international partners from the UK, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Poland. Each partner has different experiences working in the field of social media, migration, and adult education. The leading organisation is Kairos Europe.

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